Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Happiness in a Box

Lip balms I've been using recently. Here's to hoping that I'll purchase a bigger box for more stick/pot/tube of happiness. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Best Lip Balm I've Tried: Carmex

Finally, I was able to get hold of my first Carmex. You see, I self-diagnosed myself with angular cheilitis. Angular cheilitis is a painful condition where the sides of your lips break just like in chapped lips. They are painful, dry and flaky and it's sort of embarrassing when you sport them out in public - not that I would want to sport them anyway. But since I apparently have this condition, I was looking for ways to manage them. And I heard how Carmex is used for cold sores and chapped lips. Though this doesn't technically fall under cold sores or chapped lips, they more or less have the same treatment. To give you an idea on how painful angular cheilitis is, imagine the sides of your lips breaking into fissures. You have to open your mouth slowly so it will not further break. I refuse to post a picture of it because it's not pretty. hehe.

So when I learned that Carmex can at least relieve the pain in angular cheilitis, I just had to get it. Aside from the fact that I'm a lip balm junkie and anything lip balm will appear to me, health-wise, it is calling me.

Here are the Carmex variants that I've tried. I have the Cherry variant but I haven't opened it yet.

Strawberry (stick), Original (pot), Original (tube)
My favorite is the tube pack because I can control the amount that goes into my lips and it just glides upon application. Strawberry is not bad. It smells great, exactly like strawberry (lol) and it has a bit of minty feel in it but not as strong as the original though. However, I like my balms minty so I fell for the original. It stays (minty feeling) for a little more than a minute I think. Some claim it stays more than 2-3 minutes, but I say 1 minute or less. As for its moisturizing ability, it certainly holds true to its distinction as the number OTC lip balm in the US. This is the best lip balm that I've tried. And I've tried a lot. Cost is also reasonable at P99 per stick/pot/tube. Over-all? I give it a 5/5. I just love it. Did I say I love it? Yes, I love it. :)